Music Video of the Day: Angel In Blue by J. Geils Band (1982, dir. Paul Justman)

Seeing as we lost J. Geils himself a couple of days ago, I thought it was appropriate to do one of their music videos. If you want a history of the band, and about the recent passing of J. Geils, then I point you to Gary’s article.

The music video is a far cry visually from Centerfold and Freeze Frame. It’s a simple stage performance that uses overlays of famous women, such as Marilyn Monroe and Louise Brooks. Monroe was already gone by the time this was released and Brooks would pass away three years after the release of this music video. Brooks had moved into isolation long before this video, and her last film was in the low-budget pre-Stagecoach John Wayne film, Overland Stage Raiders in 1938.

It’s a nice companion piece to Centerfold. That one was fun and nostalgic about a woman you knew in childhood that had grown up to be a centerfold, and you felt your fantasy about her had been “sold”. This one is a sad follow-up to that song that takes off the nostalgia goggles. I don’t see her in the video, but I have to imagine that they picked out the title based on the Marlene Dietrich movie, The Blue Angel (1930).

Director Paul Justman did only a handful of music videos. He appears to have directed all but two of them that the J. Geils Band made.


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