Music Video of the Day: Came Back Haunted by Nine Inch Nails (2013, dir. David Lynch)

And if the viewer is epileptic, then they might come back having had a seizure and their driver’s license temporarily revoked because they didn’t see the warning onscreen that lasts four seconds.

What was David Lynch and everyone else involved thinking?

To add to this stupidity, there is another video for this that doesn’t do that, and is more interesting. That one is essentially a remake of the video for Bastards Of Young by The Replacements. The difference is that it’s a reel-to-reel instead of a speaker.

Jeez…if only there were some way to indicate to anyone coming across the video before they started playing it that it might cause seizures. It’s a real shame that YouTube doesn’t let you change thumbnails or anything like that.

Oh, but the idiocy doesn’t stop there. Remember that YouTube has an autoplay option. That means somebody could be listening to music, it moves over to the next video, they happen to be looking away, turn around, and have completely missed the warning. If it is a playlist on the iOS app, then you don’t even see the description. In fact, the description on YouTube videos don’t show up on the YouTube iOS app if you don’t click on the video, and then click for the description.

Here’s what it looks like if you do a search on the iOS YouTube app:

Here’s what it looks like after you have clicked on the video:

As I’m sure you already know, even the web interface while showing part of the description by default, is very easy to miss or is offscreen entirely at times unless you scroll down to look at it.

The flashing begins at six seconds–immediately after the warning–in case you were wondering.

Here’s a congrats from Uwe Boll wearing a wristwatch in his adaptation of Bloodrayne to everyone who made this video the way it is.

If you’re unhappy about what I said here, then here’s another part from Bloodrayne to tell you how much I care–courtesy of Michael Madsen.

I’m not even linking to the video. You can watch the Bastards of Young version below. And look at that? They were kind of enough to tell you in the title that it is only audio. That’s very important, but putting a warning in the title of a video is too much work. Not that it would’ve mattered anyways because plenty of people don’t even read the titles of YouTube videos before clicking on them. Just wow.

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