Agent of Time Variance Authority (TVA): when Exiles met What-If

It sprang from my desire to see more of the Marvel Multiverse and make the Time Variance Authority an organization worthy of respect.  The hero will travel across various realities to eliminate threats and preserve the space-time continuum and multiverse.

K’aang is a variant of Iron Lad (the teenage Kang the Conqueror) who is a greater fanboy than Iron Lad. He was able to become a distinct being from his future self, much like Kang separated himself from Immortus in Avengers Forever. He became a specialist employed by the Time Variance Authority and renowned for ending Cosmic Man’s interdimensional piracy.  He utilizes the spoils from his mission instead of his armors.


Kang vs Iron Land (by Jim Cheung)

Air Mariners are technologically advanced track cleats that grants flight through replication of Prince Namor’s flight mechanism.

An Auric Blaster is a variable directed-energy firearm based on a Fantastic Foundation gun controller. It is equipped a Kurtzberg battery and a Skrull Flux Matrix.  (It resembles the golden blaster depicted by R. Grampa on the Killjoys cover).
Special Attribute:
It is fueled by the user’s belief and emotions.
Genetic and gravity locks prevent others from using the weapon.
Variable Emissions:
An Absolute Nullifier is a repulsor emission that neutralizes the posthuman targets.
A Dean Cutter is a potent laser with the same frequency as a Majesdanian photonic discharge.
A Hammond Flare is an incendiary plasma created a modified Pyronano fog.
An Oberon Spray is an ionized stream of “pixie dust” (a hallucinogenic agent created from Wakandan toad venom).
Psyche Pulse is a psionic energy burst that causes great damage to organic and inorganic objects.
A Pym Pellet is a smart bullet derived Unstable Molecules saturated with Pym Particles. Its target lock feature possesses Z-axis manipulation to phase through any obstacle (civilian or barrier) to reach the target or increase its density to diamond hardness to penetrate armor.


The Caliburn is a dagger fashioned from Zabu’s tooth and coated in Anti-Metal. It disintegrates metallic molecular bonds on contact.

A Doop Inventory is an ionic storage device that contains items within a simulated Doop Land (pocket dimension used by Doop to store things).

A Horizon Slugger is a refined Reverbium baseball bat with an embedded Schultz Vibro unit. It absorbs kinetic impact and oscillates at a frequency that generates concentrated blasts of air.

An Oubliette Sigil is a ring-like data transmitter that implants custom traits into the wearer.
Psychometric mastery of any weapons he touches
Adept in multiple human and alien martial arts.
Fluent in numerous Earth and alien dialects.

The Thunderer is Zabu’s tooth fashioned into a dagger and molecularly bonded with Uru. It generates and tactilely discharges tetrawatt voltage.

Wall Crawlers are a custom pair of sneakers with Vibranium soles that enable the user to scale any flat surface.

Zabu Cloak is thethe chemically treated pelt of Ka-Zar’s animal companion. It is bulletproof.


(Zabu the sabertooth by Greg Land)

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