Somebody alert Mia Farrow … here comes Sharknado 2

As our regular readers know, I love SyFy original movies.

Whenever people discover that fact about me, they always assume that I must have loved Sharknado.  Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.  Sharknado was film that tried to force snark as opposed to generating it naturally.  One need only watch a good SyFy film — like End of the World — to see just how overrated Sharknado truly was.

But that’s the thing.  Most of the people who rave about Sharknado have never actually seen any other SyFy films.  To me, everything that I disliked about Sharknado was captured in the image of Mia Farrow and Phillip Roth live-tweeting along with the film.  Everyone knows that Mia Farrow and Philip Roth had never watched SyFy before Sharknado and they’ve probably never watched it after.  And, though they might not want to admit it, everyone knows that Mia’s Sharknado-tweets were pedestrian and predictable.  But, because she’s kind of famous and Ronan Farrow is a thing, we were supposed to be impressed.

Meanwhile, those of us who actually put SyFy original movies on the twitter map, were expected to be thrilled that a celeb had decided to come hang out with the common folks.

If you’ve seen Sharknado but you haven’t seen End of the World or Battledogs, then you don’t know what you’re missing.

(Or what you missed since SyFy appears to be getting out of the original movie business…)

Well, somebody call Mia Farrow because Sharknado 2 is going to be premiering on July 30th.  Judging from the trailer below, it appears that the entire cast will return for “the second one.”  And make no doubt, I will be live-tweeting this film because somebody has to show these false SyFy fans how it’s done.