Ghosts of Christmas Past #25: The Twilight Zone 3.37 “The Changing of the Guard”

Seeing as how one of the first ghosts of Christmas Past was an episode of the Twilight Zone, it seems only appropriate that the same should be true of the 2013’s final Christmas ghost.

It’s debatable whether “The Changing of the Guard” is truly a Christmas episode.  However, it does take place during the holiday season and it’s such a wonderful and sweet 23 minutes of television that it simply has to be shared and enjoyed.

The Changing of the Guard, which features a poignant lead performance from Donald Pleasance, originally aired on June 1st, 1962.

All of us here at the Shattered Lens hope that you have had and will continue to have a wonderful holiday season!  Please enjoy The Changing of the Guard.

3 responses to “Ghosts of Christmas Past #25: The Twilight Zone 3.37 “The Changing of the Guard”

  1. What a nice episode. As I often do, I waited until after I viewed the program to read your commentary. I was quite surprised to learn that was Donald Pleasance. What an excellent and engaging performance.

    It is such a pleasure to watch performances by talented actors from many years ago. There is just something special about the old school actors. This was one of many such performances you have brought to our attention. Nice Christmas present. Thank you.


  2. This is one of my favourite episodes from “The Twilight Zone”. You have to check the credits to be sure it’s Donald Pleasance–one of the best performances from “The Twilight Zone”. A really great episode–actually the final episode of Season Three, I believe.


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