Horror On TV: Door Into Darkness Episode 1 “The Neighbor”


For some of our readers, this will probably be the most challenging episode of television that I’m going to post this Halloween season.

But first, what is Door Into Darkness?

In 1973, after he had directed his highly successful Three Animals Trilogy, Dario Argento produced a television series called Door Into Darkness.  Each episode of Door Into Darkness told a different story of horror and suspense.  Argento would appear at the beginning of each episode and introduce the story.

Of the four episodes of Door Into Darkness that were produced, most critics agree that the first one was the best.  Titled Neighbors, it was also the directorial debut of Argento’s long-time assistant, Luigi Cozzi.

Neighbors tells the story of a newlywed couple who, along with their newborn baby, move into a seaside villa.  (Along the way, they also manage to run their car into a ditch, effectively leaving them stranded at their new home.)  When they arrive at the villa, they discover that the power hasn’t been turned on yet so they decide to hang out in the apartment upstairs.  Once up there, they come across the dead body of their neighbor’s wife.  When the neighbor arrives back home, the couple have to try to survive in the darkness while he looks for a place to hide the body of his dead wife.

Neighbors is an effectively suspenseful story that makes good use of both our inherent fear of the dark and the fact that we can never be quite sure of what our neighbors are doing.

I’m happy to say that a user in Italy has downloaded all four episodes of Door Into Darkness to YouTube and, hence, we can now share Neighbors on this site.

However, that’s where the challenge comes in.

The episode below is in Italian.

It has not been poorly dubbed into English and there are no subtitles.  Personally, that’s not an issue for me.  The plot of Neighbors is effectively simple and easy to follow and Italian suspense has always been a visual genre.  Add to that, I love Italy.  I’m a fourth Italian.  I could listen to people speak Italian for days without understanding a word with it.  I just love the sound of the language.

With all that in mind, here is Door Into Darkness…

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