6 Trailers From The Girl With Bronchitis

The girl with bronchitis would be me and, I have to admit, I nearly didn’t do a trailer post this week because I was feeling so bad.  However, then I had to stay home from the Richardson, Texas Christmas Parade for the first time in like forever and I thought to myself, “Bronchitis took away my parade but it won’t take away my trailer post!”  So, on that defiant note, here’s the latest edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Trailers.

1) Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker (1992)

Since it’s the Christmas season and I featured the trailer for Silent Night, Deadly Night last week, I wanted to include the trailer for Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 in this edition.  Unfortunately, a YouTube search for Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 just led to me seeing a lot of video clips of this guy going, “Garbage Day!”  However, I did finally find this trailer for Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker.

2) Moon 44 (1990)

Before Roland Emmerich made the worst film 2011, he made this film.

3) Strange Invaders (1983)

From the same people who brought you Strange Behavior.

4) Leviathan (1989)

Agck!  Underwater horror.

5) Ghost in the Machine (1993)

I saw this on HBO when I was like 11 or 12.  I’ve been scared of microwaves ever since.

6) From Hell It Came (1957)

Finally, here’s some old school tree-related horror with From Hell It Came.

5 responses to “6 Trailers From The Girl With Bronchitis

  1. Silent Night, Deadly Night 5? There were five of those f’ing things?! And Mickey Rooney played the crazy (possibly robotic) toymaker? I like how the narration boasts that the filmmakers includes the producer of “Bride Of Reanimator” and the special effects guy from “A nightmare On Elm Street Part 4” (Screaming Mad George, no less). Not to dismiss the talent of the individuals cited, but it just sounds kind of funny to promote the fifth film in a bad series by hyping the previous involvements of production team with other bad movie sequels. “From the brother-in-law of the gaffer from ‘Retribution 8: Even More Retribution – This Time, It’s Really, Really Personal – We’re Not Kidding’…”

    “Ghost In The Machine” seems to have a similar premise to “The Lawnmower Man”.

    “From Hell It Came” is my favorite from this batch. So much to enjoy, from taking the evil tree’s pulse, to the tree lumbering (:)) off with the damsel “Creature From The Black Lagoon”- style (apparently he had been pining for her), not to mention the board look on its face. One might tend to attribute the B-movie appearance of this one to the wooden acting, but that might not be the root of the problem (bark-ing up the wrong tree?), so I will just log off, and leave it at that. I wouldn’t want seem like a sap.

    (I really have no excuse for that. I don’t drink, and I’m still on my meds. But it is a movie about a killer tree, after all. Still, I apologize.)


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