Lisa Marie’s Top 26 Films of 2010

Since it’s awards season and all, here’s my personal picks for the 26 top films of 2010.

(This post has been updated since it was originally posted in order to include two films — Somewhere and Easy A — that I saw after making out the list below.)  

1) Black Swan

2) Exit Through The Gift Shop

3) Fish Tank

4) 127 Hours

5) Somewhere

6) Inception

7) Animal Kingdom

8) Winter’s Bone

9) The King’s Speech

10) Never Let Me Go

11) Toy Story 3

12)  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

13) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

14) The Last Exorcism

15) Easy A

16) How To Train Your Dragon

17) The Fighter

18) Rabbit Hole

19) A Prophet

20) Let Me In

21) True Grit

22) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

23) City Island

24) Made in Dagenham

25) Kick-Ass

26) Faster

27) Nowhere Boy

23 responses to “Lisa Marie’s Top 26 Films of 2010

    • Indeed it did! Faster was, I think, a masterpiece of the pulp imagination. Though I was disappointed by the fact that the song “How You Like Me Now” was only featured in the commercials and not the film itself. That left me stamping me feet angrily.


    • City Island was one of the year’s nice surprises for me. Wasn’t expecting much from the previews and I kinda ended up seeing it because I had literally seen everything else but it turned out to be a really sweet, genuinely likable movie. 🙂


      • It was a very big surprise to me and a shame that it seems to have been forgotten. Has one of my favorite scenes on the year, will try to avoid spoilers, but some things are finally revealed towards the end and Andy Garcia’s reaction is just priceless.


        • I was a huge fan of Garcia’s performance, he really found the humanity in a character that I think a lot of lesser actors would have played as a stereotype. Actually, that’s true of the entire cast. Garcia was the anchor that held everything together. lol — wow, I’m so happy to discover that I’m not the only person who loved that movie! 🙂


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  2. AWESOME list. I’m glad to see “Faster” get a nod… That film surprised the heck out of me. I didn’t think “The Tooth Fairy” AKA Dwayne Johnson could pull it off (but he did) ! Great performance, great movie. I still need to check out “The Last Exorcism”…


    • Thank you! 🙂 Faster, to me, was a true masterpiece of the pulp imagination and hopefully Dwayne Johnson will stop it with the “family friendly” stuff and make more films like this where he’s just a force of nature. That said, though, I actually found Johnson to be surprisingly effective in the scenes where he had to show emotion, like in the scenes with his mother.

      The Last Exorcism is a film that hasn’t gotten its due, largely because it was advertised as being a straight horror film whereas it’s actually more of a character study of the disillusioned exorcist played (quite well) by Patrick Fabian. I’m not a huge fan of the the way the movie ended but, regardless, it was, like Faster, one of the unexpected treats of 2010.


      • I think the era of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing action flicks both PG-13 and R is coming. His children are older now. Only reason why he was doing the family-friendly stuff was so his kids can watch the stuff he did.


        • I would actually believe that about Johnson, that he was doing those films for his kids. I haven’t seen many interviews with him but the few I have seen, he always came across as being a fairly genuine guy. Add to that, he was hilarious in The Other Guys. And, even though I usually don’t go for the whole big, muscular thing, he’s kinda sorta hot. Like really kinda sorta. So, seriously — how could someone that hot and that talented not be a nice guy? (That may be a prime example of what my family calls “Lisa Logic” but it makes perfect sense to me…)

          Anyway, I’m hoping for more films like Faster from Dwayne Johnson. We need an actor who can just come in and kick ass and be like all remorseless and cool about it. And, sorry, Jason Stathan just isn’t ging to do it…


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