Artist Profile: A. Leslie Ross (1910 — 1989)

“Some 15,000 years ago people drew on cave walls. They invented ways of expressing themselves. With a strong desire to express what they felt, they drew without hesitation. Their work carried the conviction of positive thought in expressing a sensation. Their drawing are great because of their delicate sensitiveness and the assurance that reveals how they felt. They are not realistic or abstract, but are pure expressions. If these people were able to create great art, surely you can. The only barrier you have is your mind. You must feel sure of yourself and work with the conviction that you are starting something truthful. Creative work needs a starting point. Not unlike the foundation necessary for a fit life. The same commitments are demanded for both the artist’s picture and the artist’s life. The picture without structure is superficial and empty.”

Art with Understanding (1960) by Arthur Leslie Ross

Below are just a few of the many covers that A. Leslie Ross panted over the course of his long career.  Born in New Jersey and educated at the New York School of Fine Art, Ross opened his own freelance art studio in 1936 and established himself as a talented and in-demand illustrator.  He eventually opened his own private art school and helped to teach a new generation of artists.