Lisa Marie’s Week In Television: 4/23/23 — 4/29/23

This week, I definitely watched more movies than television.  Here’s a few thoughts on what I did watch!

Accused (Tuesday Night, Fox)

This week’s episode was pretty good.  Adam Bakri, who played Samir, played obsessed well.  Accused is a fairly uneven show, which is to be expected considering that every episode has a different director, writer, and cast.  But this week’s episode did a good job of holding my interest for the entire running time.

Are You Being Served? (Sunday Night, PBS)

This extremely broad British sitcom pops up on PBS occasionally.  I’ve never been that impressed with it, despite the fact that it was made by the same people who made Allo Allo.  To be honest, I kind of resent that my PBS station has replaced Allo Allo with this.  Anyway, this week’s episode featured the tacky employees of a tacky department store trying to stay warm despite the cold weather and the store’s lack of heat.  No one died during the episode so I guess they succeeded.  I honestly didn’t pay much attention.

Barry (Sunday Night, HBO)

Oh my God, it’s Guillermo del Toro!  This was another great episode, though I did feel bad for everyone who got shot at the end of it.  The assassins with the podcast were a good example of what this show does so well.  I also loved the class’s reaction to Sally trying to use Gene’s methods to teach her class.

Beavis and Butt-Head (Paramount Plus)

Okay, seriously, Old Beavis and Old Butt-Head freak me the fuq out!  It’s always so jarring to see a story about them as adults paired up with a story about them as teenagers.  To be honest, it’s kind of depressing.  I mean, it’s not like it’s a shock that they’re going to grow up to be losers but still, Butt-Head is a heart attack waiting to happen and Beavis reminds me of this old guy who always tries to talk to me whenever I find myself near Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.  Of course, the old guy only has one arm and even less teeth than Beavis but still, they have the same jawline.

Anyway, it was a funny episode this week.  Teenage Beavis and Butt-Head’s utter stupidity and lack of physical ability while trying to egg the house made me laugh.  It’s just sad to realize that they’re peaking in high school.  Throwing an egg in a tree is as good as its ever going to get for the two of them.

Oh well.  At least Smart Beavis and Smart Butt-Head are getting to enjoy the universe.

Beef (Netflix)

I finished watching Beef on Sunday.  You can count me amongst those who suspect that the final episode was actually a dream.  Anyway, it was an excellent show.  I kind of hope that there aren’t any more seasons because I really can’t imagine anything topping what’s already been done.

Dirty Pair (YouTube)

Anime action!  I watched another episode of Dirty Pair on Saturday morning.  I had no idea what was going on but a lot of stuff blew up.

Farmer Wants A Wife (Wednesday Night, Fox)

This show is definitely one of my favorite reality shows right now, even though that’s largely due to it providing an antidote for the ickiness of the previous season of The Bachelor.  That said, I can’t help but notice that the show makes it look like farming is all rodeos and barn dances.  I have farmers in my family and, believe it or not, they go to the movies, they liked to read, and sometimes they just like to stay at home and binge whatever’s on Netflix.  Hopefully, the potential wives understand that not every night is going to involve a barn dance.  Anyway, the farmers still do not have wives.

Half Nelson (YouTube)

You can check out my thoughts on this week’s episode by clicking here.  Only one more episode to go and then I’ll be moving on to Freddy’s Nightmares.

Law & Order (Thursday Night, NBC)

To be honest, I nearly turned off this week’s episode when it opened with a congresswoman talking about how she had to go to a “freedom caucus” meeting because the Law & Order reboot has always been at its worse whenever its tried to deal with politics.  In general, anyone who is to the right of Bernie Sanders is usually portrayed as being pure evil on Law & Order and that was certainly what happened this week as the token Republican congresswoman repeatedly complained that her husband’s murder was bad for her career.  That said, the case itself was actually an interesting one and, for once, the episode was willing to admit that people can genuinely disagree with each other without having nefarious motives for doing so.  This week’s trial dilemma had no easy answers.

Price and Maroun continue to be two of the most inconsistently-written characters on television.  When the reboot started, Maroun was unquestionably loyal to Price and her devotion actually came across as being a bit creepy.  One got the feeling that she would murder someone if Price told her to.  Over the last few episodes, though, Maroun has been disagreeing with Price on everything and essentially suggesting that he’s just not very good at his job.  Personally, I prefer the perpetually annoyed Maroun to the meek Maroun of the past.  Price, meanwhile, abruptly went from being a self-righteous liberal to being a self-righteous pragmatist.

This week’s episode deserves some credit for ending with Price having to cut a deal to get a conviction.  Far too often, Law & Order has portrayed Price as being “Super Lawyer,” with his superpower being the ability to get a conviction despite having a ludicrous weak case.  Infallible Price was almost as annoying as Meek Maroun.  Talented but still flawed Price, on the other hand, has the potential to be a far more interesting character.

The Love Boat (Paramount Plus)

I wrote about The Love Boat here.

Night Court (Tuesday Night, NBC)

*Yawn*  From what I understand, this show is doing well in the ratings but I have to imagine that’s entirely due to Melissa Rauch and John Larroquette.  Whenever an episode spends a good deal of time with any of the other characters, like this week’s did with Neil reuniting with his high school crush, it’s torturously dull.  At this point, it’s pretty obvious that Abbi is going to break up with Rand at the end of the season and season 2 will find her newly single.

Night Flight (Night Flight Plus)

The episode that I watched on Friday night was about African music of the 80s.  It was an interesting history lesson.

The Old Guys (Sunday Night, PBS)

PBS is showing The Old Guys again.  This week’s episode featured the old guys going out on what turned out to be a triple date.  The jokes were obvious but the cast was likable.

Survivor (Wednesday Night, CBS)

I was sorry to see Kane voted out this week but I was even more sorry that apparently, not a single fake idol is going to be used this season!  Seriously, this season had three fake immunity idols and now, they’re all out of the game without anyone trying to play even one of them!  I know I seem to say this every week but I really miss old school Survivor, where Jeff Probst openly ridiculed the players and we didn’t learn anything about their lives back on the mainland.  Now, everyone has a sob story and Probst is all “Up with people!”  It just feels weird.  You can read more of my thoughts on this week’s episode here!

Waco: The Aftermath (Sunday Night, Showtime)

This episode featured great work from Michael Shannon as the FBI agent who still feels guilty for his part in creating the monster that he’s now having to fight.  Elohim City, by the way, is a real place and it still exists.  This is an interesting series and one that deserves a bit more attention than it’s been getting.

Yellowjackets (Sunday Night, Showtime)

Last night, in the 90s, Misty killed the most annoying of the survivors.  In the present, Taissa went to the home of the 2nd-most annoying of the survivors so, if nothing else, we know that Van’s going to be around for a while.  Speaking of annoying, Callie finally figured out that her new boyfriend is cop so she lied and said that Shauna had been having an affair with Randy Walsh.  You kind of have to wonder what Randy thinks about some of the things he’s been put through over the past few days.

Yes, Minister (Monday Morning, PBS)

Oh well!  Even if PBS is no longer showing Allo Allo, at least they brought back Yes, Minster.  This week’s episode was the one in which Hacker’s daughter planned a protest to save a colony of badgers and Sir Humphrey had to make plans to save Hacker from embarrassment.  This was also the episode in which Hacker decided that he was tired of the civil servants keeping secrets and tasks from him, just to then discover how much pointless minutia truly goes into being a member of the government.  It was very British and it was very funny.

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