Celebrate Christmas With Treevenge!

Hi!  We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!

Here at the Shattered Lens, we have a Christmas tradition, one that was started way back in 2009 by site founder Arleigh Sandoc.  And that tradition is …. TREEVENGE!

Celebrate Christmas with the greatest haunted Christmas tree movie ever!

Enjoy and …. wait, what?  Uh-oh!  The video is age-restricted so you’ll have to click on the watch on YouTube link!

2 responses to “Celebrate Christmas With Treevenge!

  1. Never heard of this but thanks to all of you at Shattered Lens, I have broadened my holiday classics list! This is perfect because, although my wife doesn’t like many fantasy films, she loved the 2nd “Lord Of The Rings” movie because of the giant talking trees!

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