Congratulations the Seattle Mariners On The Best Comeback of The Postseason!

Congratulations to the Seattle Mariners, who pulled off one of the most amazing comebacks that I’ve ever seen and defeated the Blue Jays in the Wild Card!  Starting with the sixth inning, the Mariners went from being behind seven runs to winning the game by 10 runs to 9!  This is one of those games that reminds me of why I love baseball!

The Mariners are going to be playing the Astros in the Divisional Series.  I’m a Texan so I’ll have to cheer for the Astros but that doesn’t make me any less proud of the Mariners!

Also, congrats to the Phillies and the Guardians.  The Guardians defeated the Rays 1-0 and are now moving on to play the Yankees in the Divisional.  The Phillies defeated the Cardinals by 2-0 and will now move on to play the Braves.  That just leaves one more Wild Card game for tomorrow, between the Mets and the Padres.  Whichever team wins will face the Dodgers in the Divisional playoffs.

Congratulations to all the advancing teams!

2 responses to “Congratulations the Seattle Mariners On The Best Comeback of The Postseason!

  1. Yesterday was one pf the best baseball days EVER! Between Cleveland and Tampa’s 15-inning epic, the Mariners comeback, and then the Phillies snatching victory from the jaws of defeat…it was almost too much!

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