The Dastardly Cults of the Pulp Era

by John Walter Scott

Since the start of the pulp era, cults have been a popular subject.  Usually dressed in red and concealing their faces behind hoods, cult members have menaced, tortured, and frightened.  Luckily, there’s often a strong-jawed hero right around the corner to take them out and save the day.

Here’s a few of the cults of the pulp era!

by George Hargis

by Harry Lemon Parkhurst

by Hugh Joseph Ward

by J. Allen St. John

by John Drew

by John Newton Howitt

by Rudolph Zirm

by Tom Lovell

by Walter Baumhofer

by Arnold Kohn

3 responses to “The Dastardly Cults of the Pulp Era

  1. The early day of cult cinema and pulp fiction are fascinating – an era when obscenity laws were really strict and savvy Producers and Publishers used certain language and imagery to suggest much more than was ever shown!


  2. The art from the pulp magazines is one of the glories of popular culture. A nice selection and I particularly was intrigued by the cover of ‘Speed Mysteries’, a pulp I’d not run across before. Oh well, this sort of research is fun.


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