Here’s The First Trailer For House of the Dragon!

HBOMax has a Game of Thrones prequel coming out.  If you weren’t aware of that or had forgotten about it, don’t feel bad. So did I and I’m actually supposed to keep up with this stuff!

It’s definitely a sign of how let down everyone was by the final season of GoT that the production of House of the Dragon has gotten almost not attention.  Personally, I’m kind of intrigued by the show but, at the same time, it’s hard to deny that there’s been a huge backlash against Game of Thrones.  Ever since the final season, it’s become increasingly difficult to find anyone who is willing to admit that they enjoyed the show.

And yet, I know for a fact that people did enjoy the show.  Game of Thrones wouldn’t have gone for as long as it did if not for its very passionate fan base.  There’s a lot of revisionist history going when it comes to Game of Thrones.  Quite frankly, the anger that the finale generated could only have been generated by people who, after devoting several years of their lives to a program, felt that their loyalty and love had been betrayed.

(Of course, that “Who has a better story than Bram the Broken?” line didn’t help.)

So, will House of the Dragon be another success or will it be something like one of the The Walking Dead prequel series, forever destined to live in the shadow of the show that spawned it?  We’ll find out next year!  For now, here’s the official trailer for House of the Dragon:

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