The Plague- Short on Alter -Youtube, Review Case Wright


Happy Horrorthon! I found a great and FREE place for horror short films! Alter on Youtube!!!!

I’ll admit the social message was a bit obvious, BUT it is WAAAAAAY better than Two Sentence Horror.  Also, the stories try to hide the social message with some well-done horror.  Lastly, if you don’t like it, you’ve only lost 8 minutes of your life- 20 minutes MAX!!!

The Plague takes place in Spain.  A woman is living alone in her father’s home.  He has Alzheimer’s disease and the elderly father has returned to his home.  His daughter finds him in the shower and she is immediately she fed up.  She wants him back at the nursing home and tells him so.  All during the short, he has arms reaching out to her for affection, but his daughter spurns him repeatedly. 

In a brilliant allegory, gun thugs appear and try to kill her father who has super-strength, but not enough against 5 armed men who shoot him, put him in a steel box, and store him in an abandoned area to rot in a living death.  The father was never depicted as a zombie only that when he died he was not ready to go and only wanted to be with his daughter.  The steel box represented the nursing home where so many of us put our parents.  Saying the father was dead but wasn’t ready to go, symbolized how she was treating her father- he was already dead to her, but he still loved his her.

I won’t put my personal opinion on nursing homes here, BUT I will say Guillermo Carbnonell is welcome to break bread with me anytime.


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