The Hound, HP Lovecraft, Review by Case Wright


Happy Horrorthon! Remember to decorate your tree for SamHain; he’s like Sam Goody because he’s from the past, but probably not like Yosemite Sam.  Why am I writing kinda goofy? Because I just read the early 20th Century version of Scooby Doo!  Yes, Lovecraft can be kinda corny.

In The Hound, two graverobbers get more than they bargained for when they steal a dead hound’s amulet and the ghost monster stalks them.  Jinkies!  There is very little character development, but the there is a whole heck of a lot of stuffy prose to obfuscate the simplistic plot.  The hound starts howling at night “Shaaaaaaagggggggy” “Vellllllma” or something close to that.  They start to go crazy and one of the grave-robbers dies! Jeepers!

The grave-robber/narrator decides to return the amulet to the groovy ghoulie, but he gets robbed! Ruh-Roh! Of course this turns out to be good luck because the Evil Scooby kills the muggers.  For some reason, he decides to visit the doggy grave again and it’s covered in the gore of meddling kids! Zoinks!

Would I recommend reading this story? Well….it was kinda fun and maybe worth two Scooby Snacks!

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