Trailer: 24: Live Another Day

Was it just me or did the Super Bowl commercials kinda sorta suck this year?  I mean, I expect the game to always be long and boring but I can usually count on seeing at least a few memorable commercials.  Howevever, with a few notable exceptions (mostly involving puppies and horses), this year’s crop of commercials were just boring.  You could tell that advertisers were going so out of their way to keep things positive that they forgot that commercials also need to be interesting.

However, there was one commercial that seemed to excite everyone on twitter and that was a brief 49-second commercial for the return of 24.  Judging from this commercial, Jack Bauer is back and he’s as violent as ever.  And, apparently, he has some issues with the British.

7 responses to “Trailer: 24: Live Another Day

  1. And the British will regret getting on Jack Bauer’s bad side. This is an American hero who kills everything he shoots at even when he’s not aiming at anyone in particular.

    Is Bauer an Irish surname by any chance?


  2. Actually, the Super Bowl has seldom been boring in recent years. And even though this year’s game was a dud, it was a fascinating dud nonetheless.


      • Yes, I had the same thought, but surely you understand the basic concept: four attempts to gain a minimum of ten yards, and if your team is successful, your team receives four more downs. If the team with ball fails to gain the necessary yardage, the defensive team takes possession of the ball and they go on offence.

        Maybe you’d derive more enjoyment from football if more players were named Bowman!

        I also include this clip to show folks what NOT to sound like when discussing football. Clearly, these three people have no idea. Also, who the hell invited that woman in the middle to the party? And WHY is she holding a disposable coffee cup on the air? What a yuppie. The thing that pisses me off is she’s getting stuck into the officials for not being able to see the blatantly obvious. This is the same airhead bimbo who couldn’t tell after looking at NaVorro Bowman’s leg injury footage several times that, yes indeed folks, it WAS THAT BAD!

        Even the first time I saw it, I winced so badly, my testicles jumped up into my intestines.

        If you can’t see what a horrendous injury that was, and you didn’t see anything abnormal about it, you clearly have no business criticising the officials for making decisions, right or wrong, in the heat of the moment.

        By the way, ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament. No kidding, I’d be amazed if any of these “sports experts” knew that piece of high school level information. I’d be even more amazed if they could tell me where it’s located. I’d be even more amazed if at least one of these talking heads donated a few hours on the weekend to officiate their local junior high school competition. Maybe Coffee Cup Woman can give it a shot, but as it stands, she’s my early frontrunner for Dipshit of the Year.


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