Music Video of the Day: One Last Night On Earth by Dada Life (2015, dir by ????)

The world’s ending.  How are you going to deal with it?

Are you going to cry?  Are you going to rage at the random whims of fate?  Are you going to scream about being powerless?  Or are you going to get together with your friends?  Are you going to have a good time?  Are you going to listen to a great song?  Are you going to dance around the fire?

Myself, I’d probably get on twitter and try to score a few last retweets before the world ended.  I’d probably also take the time to report everyone that I don’t like to Twitter Support.  If I could get a few account suspended before the moon crashes into the Pacific Ocean, it would all have been worth it.

Actually, I’d probably just try to watch my favorite movies one last time.  I’ve actually given a lot of thought to what movie I would watch if I knew it was going to be the last one that I would ever get to see.  I know most people probably expect me to say that I would rewatch Suspiria but, to be honest, I’d probably rewatch something from the Marx Brothers.  Maybe Duck Soup.

Anyway, the people in this video go for the dancing around the fire approach to the end of the world and bless them for it!

(Have you noticed how obsessed people seem to be with the end of the world nowadays?  There have been so many recent films about people dealing with the end of life on Earth.  I guess people are just naturally pessimistic nowadays.  I’ve always been pretty confident that the world won’t end as long as I’ve got things to do.  Check out Melancholia if you want to see a good movie about the apocalypse.  I would suggest avoiding Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and Abel Ferrara’s tedious 4:44 Last Day On Earth.  If you want to laugh while watching the world end, check out the delightful End of the World.  Be sure to order the DVD of that one because I’m quoted on the back of the case!)




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