A Movie A Day #106: Out of Control (1985, directed by Allan Holzman)

Eight prep school students leaves their graduation party, board a small plane, and head off for a weekend to be held on a private island resort.  However, the plane hits a storm and crashes into the ocean.  Though their pilot dies, the students manage to make it to a nearby island.  At first, the island seems deserted but then Cowboy (Jim Youngs) comes across a backpack full of spam and vodka.

Waiting to be rescued, the students settle in for the night.  At first, they work well together and make the best of a bad situation.  But then a tribalistic game of spin the bottle goes terribly wrong.  Nerdy Elliot (Andrew J. Lederer) worries that he is going to die a virgin.  Rich boy Keith (Martin Hewitt) gets jealous over the fact that his girlfriend, Chrissie (Betsy Russell) used to go out with Cowboy.    Not even level-headed Katie (Sherilyn Fenn) and Gary (Richard Kantor) can keep the two of them from fighting.

The next day, the drug dealers who use the island as a base show up and the eight students have to work together just to survive.

Obviously, any film featuring both Betsy Russell and Sherilyn Fenn is going to be worth watching but, for a nearly forgotten B-movie from the 1980s, Out of Control is actually pretty good.  It starts out as a fairly interesting version of Lord of the Flies, just with older castaways and a lot more nudity.  Out of Control gets less interesting and more predictable once the drug dealers show up but it does lead to one of those endings that could only happen in the 80s.  Out of Control has never been released on DVD but it can currently be viewed (with Swedish subtitles) on YouTube.

Sherilyn Fenn got an “introducing” credit here, though, by the time Out of Control was released, she had already appeared in both The Wild Life and Just One Of The Guys.  She and Martin Hewitt later co-starred in Fenn’s best known pre-Twin Peaks film, Two Moon Junction.


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