Horror On The Lens: Starship Invasions (dir by Ed Hunt)


Today’s horror movie on the Shattered Lens is a 1977 Canadian film called Starship Invasions.  While at first glance, Starship Invasions may appear to be more of a science fiction film than a horror film, things do get pretty horrific once Christopher Lee starts shooting his suicide ray.

Here’s what you need to know about Starship Invasions:

1) Judging from the look of the film, it must have cost hundreds of dollars to make.

2) All of the aliens communicate through telepathy so, while you get to hear Christopher Lee’s voice, you never actually see his lips move.  I presume this was done because the filmmakers wanted to save money by shooting the majority of the film without sound.

3) In the UK, the film was released under the title Project Genocide, which just doesn’t have the same oddly generic charm as Starship Invasions.

4) Christopher Lee reportedly considers this to be one of his worst films.

5) However, the film is kind of fun in a bad, 1970s sort of way.

Add to that, how can you have a horror month without featuring at least one Christopher Lee film?

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