Here’s The Trailer for Good Time!

Ever since the end of the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson has been picking unexpected and edgy projects.  And, while there is occasionally a hint of desperation to Pattinson’s picks (“I am not Edward, goddammit!” seems to be the common subtext), it’s also led to him appearing in some genuinely interesting films and proving that, if nothing else, he’s a far better actor than Zac Efron.

(For the record, I still say that Pattinson was brilliantly cast in Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis.)

Here’s the trailer for Pattinson’s latest, Good Time.  This film, which takes place over the course of one night, features Pattinson as a career criminal who is desperately trying to put together enough money to get his brother out of prison.  Judging from the trailer, this is either going to be really good or a complete mess.

Watch below and judge for yourself!

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