Here the official trailer for Alien: Convenant!

I kind of wish this trailer didn’t open with everyone grinning like a bunch of missionaries preparing to leave on their first trip to the Amazon rain forest but otherwise, Alien: Convenant is looking pretty promising.

In theory, no movie should be scarier than an Alien movie.  Hopefully, Ridley Scott will return this franchise to its former glory.

Classic Film Lovers Rejoice! Here’s The Trailer for Five Came Back!

If you love classic movies, you’re going to love this trailer for the new Netflix documentary, Five Came Back!

Based on Mark Harris’s brilliant non-fiction book, Five Came Back takes a look at the work that five great directors — Frank Capra, William Wyler, John Huston, George Stevens, and John Ford — did during World War II.  It’s a fascinating story and it was a fascinating book.  I just hope this documentary does it justice.

We’ll find out on March 31st!

(Incidentally, Five Came Back is narrated by Meryl Streep so expect to see her nominated for Best Actress next year…)

Here’s The Final Trailer For Kong: Skull Island!

Sorry, I’m a little bit late in sharing this.

To be honest, I’m still a little bit surprised to see how many people are excited for Kong: Skull Island.  To me, almost everything that I’ve heard about it pretty much screams, “Summer movie that you will have forgotten about by next fall…”

That said, judging by my twitter timeline, a lot of people are excited about Kong: Skull Island.  And this final trailer certainly looks good.  So, let’s all go see Kong: Skull Island and hope that its box office success will lead to John C. Reilly getting better roles.

Music Video of the Day: Tropical Loveland by ABBA (1976, dir. ???)

It’s back to ABBA. I’ll finish this retrospective if it kills me.

Apparently ABBA not only went to Australia, but were hugely successful there. So much so, that they made this music video specially for them. It may or may not have been part of a larger special they did for Australia. There is of course the movie as well that was released in 1977 about a week-long tour they did in Australia that same year. I don’t recall it being very good when I watched it a few years ago.

In the video below, you can see the band trying to handle animals and Björn explaining that you can fit 15 Swedens into Australia. It does get kind of choppy near the end of the video, so it isn’t just your computer.

As you watch this music video, pay special attention to Agnetha’s butt. I’m not kidding. Agnetha’s butt was a big hit in Australia and the UK. There are numerous videos about it on YouTube. Here’s a couple of them.

Otherwise, this is your typical ABBA-goes-on-vacation music video–similar to the sailboat version of Knowing Me, Knowing You.


ABBA retrospective:

  1. Bald Headed Woman by The Hep Stars (1966, dir. ???)
  2. En Stilla Flirt by Agnetha & ??? (1969, dir. ???) + 8 Hootenanny Singers Videos From 1966
  3. Tangokavaljeren by Björn (1969, dir. ???)
  4. Vårkänslor (ja, de’ ä våren) by Agnetha & Björn (1969, dir. ???)
  5. Titta in i men lilla kajuta by Björn (1969, dir. ???)
  6. Nu Ska Vi Vara Snälla by Björn & Agnetha (1969, dir. ???)
  7. Finns Det Flickor by Björn & Sten Nilsson (1969, dir. ???)
  8. Nu Ska Vi Opp, Opp, Opp by Agnetha (1969, dir. ???)
  9. Det Kommer En Vår by Agnetha (1969, dir. ???)
  10. Beate-Christine by Björn (1969, dir. ???)
  11. En Stilla Flirt by Agnetha & ??? (1969, dir. ???) + 8 Hootenanny Singers Videos From 1966
  12. Att Älska I Vårens Tid by Frida (1970, dir. ???)
  13. Min Soldat by Frida (1970, dir. ???)
  14. Söderhavets Sång by Frida (1970, dir. ???)
  15. Ring, Ring by ABBA (1973, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  16. Ring, Ring by ABBA (1973, dir. ???)
  17. Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) by ABBA (1973, dir. ???)
  18. Waterloo by ABBA (1974, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  19. Hasta Mañana by ABBA (1974, dir. ???)
  20. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by ABBA (1975, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  21. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by ABBA (1975, dir. ???)
  22. Bang-A-Boomerang by ABBA (1975, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  23. SOS by ABBA (1975, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  24. Mamma Mia by ABBA (1975, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  25. Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA (1976, dir. ???)