Horror On the Lens: Incubus (dir by Leslie Stevens)

For today’s Horror on the Lens, we present Incubus, an odd little film from 1966.  William Shatner plays a soldier who, along with his sister, visits a mysterious village that has magical, healing water.  (Shatner has been wounded in battle and wants to be healed.)  However, the village is also home to a succubus who wants to seduce Shatner and lead him to Hell.

Incubus is memorable for three reasons.  First off, you’ve got William Shatner giving a very Shatnerish performance.  Secondly, legendary cinematographer Conrad Hall gave this film a very dream-like feel.  And third, this is one of the four movies to have been filmed in Esperanto, a so-called international language that has never really caught on.

That’s right!  This movie has subtitles!  But, so what?  Who hasn’t wanted to see William Shatner act in Esperanto?

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