Hottie of the Day: Simone Simons



I’ve always wanted to profile a singer for latest “Hottie of the Day” but wasn’t willing to settle for the pop diva of the moment. Then it hit me. Metal is not all about angry frontmen. There’s some very fine ladies who front metal bands of all kinds. One of them is the latest “Hottie of the Day” in the form of the lovely Simone Simons.

Simone Simons is the frontwoman for the symphonic metal band Epica. This lovely redhead is a Dutch mezzo-soprano whose vocal range will surprise the uninitiated to the metal scene for being quite vast. She can sing circles around any of the pop divas doing shows during Super Bowl halftimes and whatnots. Some singers like to bale themselves with an alternate persona named Sasha Fierce, but they have nothing on the level of fierceness that Simone can bring to her performances on stage in addition to more subdued and emotional introspection.

Simone Simons is definitely a worthy and lovely addition.









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