6 Trailers In Rememberance of Lisa Marie’s Youth

This edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Trailers is a sentimental  and sad occasion for me.  I’m a Scorpio (and, seriously, who is shocked to hear that, right?).  What that means is that I’ve got a birthday coming up this Tuesday.  I’ll be turning 25.  I’ll be a quarter of a century old.  So, this will be my last installment of this series as a young woman.  Next weekend, when I post the next installment, I’ll be an adult.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really think about this until I’d already selected my trailers for this installment.  So, I wish I could say that there’s some sort of deep meaning behind why I picked any of these posts.  But there’s not, with the exception of I Drink Your Blood.  And my selection of I Drink Your Blood has less to do with my birthday and more with the fact that it’s the 17th greatest movie ever made.

Anyway, let’s get to the trailers and try not to think about the fact that I’m getting old…

1) Food of the Gods

Two things I love about the trailer: the pompous opening 40 seconds (I loved it when Exploitation mocks the Mainstream through imitation) and the presence of Marjoe “Bad, not evil” Gortner.

2) Tintorera

This is the Mexican version of Jaws.  Not only was it directed by the infamous Rene Cardona, Jr. but it stars the original HUGO STIGLITZ! 

3) Prisoner of Paradise

Prisoner of Paradise (which I have never seen) is apparently a hardcore war film from the 70s that starred John C. Holmes’s cock.  The star does not appear in this trailer.  Instead, we get things blowing up followed by something else blowing up which is followed up by something — wait for it — blowing up.  And then, suddenly, we’re on the beach.

4) Machine Gun McCain

Speaking of blowing things up…Machine Gun McCain is one of the many Italian crime thrillers that came out in the late 60s.  They were not only far more violent than American thrillers but usually a lot more interesting too.  Earlier on Saturday, I bought this movie on DVD.  The guy working the register looked at it and said, “I’d watch this first because Britt Ekland’s in it.” 

5) Hell’s Bloody Devils

While the Italians were exploiting the Mafia, Americans were exploiting motorcycle gangs.  Hell’s Bloody Devils is a typical example with a typically 1970 political subtext.  It was directed by Al Adamson who, years later, was apparently murdered and buried in cement.

6) I Drink Your Blood

I Drink Your Blood was released on a double bill with an old black-and-white zombie films called I Eat Your Skin.  All the  scenes in the trailer below are from I Drink Your Blood.  I love the trailer because it is just classic grindhouse.  However, I Drink Your Blood is also one of the best films ever made.  The 18th best, to tell the truth.  Seriously.

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One response to “6 Trailers In Rememberance of Lisa Marie’s Youth

  1. I have heard of “Food Of The Gods” for many years, but have never seen it. Judging by the trailer, it doesn’t look like a particularly good movie, but that ad poster at the end is a pretty effective image. It might be entertaining to watch Marjoe, whom I did not know was in it, battle giant mice. I like how he took care of that giant wasp. He apparently takes care of business in other ways, as well – he didn’t think his woman was crazy for wanting him to make love to her while the giant mice were assaulting the house. Did you see that “You silly girl. Of course I’ll bring my white-guy ‘fro over there and make love to you.” smirk?

    You are right about that “Prisoner Of Paradise” trailer – it really doesn’t present anything about the plot, does it? As I watched it again, I laughed with each boom/fireball, and laughed again when the guy on the beach appeared.

    In “Machine Gun McCain”, Peter Falk looks to be pre-glass eye. I have never seen him so young. As for Britt Ekland, as a kid, I remember her “hot” image (and that she dated Rod Stewart), but never really appreciated her until I saw “The Wicker Man”, in which she appears in a rather odd and revealing scene. Now I know. That is a great psychological horror film, by the way. No gore, just great concept and subtle execution.

    I like how the narrator in the “Hell’s Bloody Devils” trailer directs the weak and immature audience members to the concession stand. In one scene, a biker dude appears to be cleaning his glasses on the back of a biker chick while she is making out with another biker dude. I could handle them pulverizing people with their fists, chains and cycles, but I would have headed right for the concession stand as soon as I saw that – that’s just plain rude.

    And I might check out “I Drink Your Blood” just to find out what horror will be performed with that garden hose. I like that narrator’s voice. At the end of the trailer, for some reason, I expected him to say, “’I Drink Your Blood’ and ‘I Eat Your Skin’. Can you dig it?”

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